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SEVEN  Tracks


Rotcodd Zzaj

" you listen to her sing her take on Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone“, you will have no doubt why she just HAD to be reviewed here… the word that immediately comes to mind as I listen to her sing this is “POWER”… a true vocal talent that you’ll only encounter once or twice in your lifetime..."

Lewis’s soulful and soaring vocal range joined with beautifully sculpted arrangements makes for an outstanding production. The effort is comprised mostly of standards re-imagined to fit the singer’s talents perfectly... A really wonderful first outing from a talent that will have your attention from start to finish.


"In my role as a music reviewer, I usually receive about 25 to 30 new CDs each month.  Sometimes it is hard to get to each one, but I make the effort knowing that all these musicians have put their life and soul on the line composing and recording their songs.  The majority of these CDs are good, a few are excellent and every once in a while I find a gem that blows me away.  Alison Lewis' CD "Seven" is one of those gems, a new CD in a world of its own!..."

"Whether singer/songwriter Alison Lewis is performing an American Songbook classic or one of her own original tracks, she makes the tunes on her debut self-release Seven project a human quality. Moved by intuition, she instinctively connects emotionally to the lyrics, making the listener contemplate each word, seeing songs like Irving Berlin's "Cheek to Cheek" and Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" in a new light, a way that makes the songs seem even more brilliant than their original version. Her treatment of the tracks gives them a mesmerizing glint that revitalizes the songs..."

Nicolas Vidal

"...Le postulat de ce projet est clairement assumé par Alison Lewis qui souhaite insuffler une nouvelle perception de ces morceaux célèbres auxquels elle a ajouté sa sensibilité et sa voix. Un pari réussi pour l’artiste américaine."

"Seven is a tour-de-force, varied in styles of jazz, what is best about today’s jazz vocal offerings, but taken to task by a highly qualified and potent vocalist.  One I hope to hear for years to come. Well done, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Scott Yanow

"Alison Lewis has a strong, warm and flexible voice. She is able to go effortlessly from shouting to a whisper. Her repertoire is quite varied, starting with the Beatles’ “Blackbird” and progressing to “Cheek To Cheek,” Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” and two of her bluesy originals. After “Midnight Sun,” her program concludes with a surprisingly fresh version of ‘My Funny Valentine.” All in all, this is an impressive debut, available from, that is well worth checking out.

BVS Reviews

"Seven is a terrific debut album.  It not only spotlights the vocal talents of Alison Lewis, but her skill at song arrangement. From "reimagining" established songs to original compositions, this album definitely gives the listener an enjoyable experience."

"'A reimagining process.'  A lady of great talent and communication in song. Just listen…"

Ann Alex

"just another singer I thought, but I was soon converted by hearing Ms Lewis’s clear voice, excellent diction, wide vocal range, accompanied by well competent musicians.. Lewis’s own Mr Right For Right Now is fun, a slinky sensuous love song about a good but temporary love affair with an effective steel guitar solo..."

"A debut album by black hair beauty vocalist Alison Lewis is first arrival! It is a high sensitivity large album singing with a gentle warm voice... In the 1960s roughly rolling stones also seem to live in a luscious life with a mellow marshmallow here."  (translated directly from Japanese)

Melissa Berry

"Alison Lewis is an absolutely essential "must hear", and now with the upcoming release concert for her CD – "SEVEN" on June 15th at Au Luc in Downtown Los Angeles, she is also a "must see." Having seen her perform several times now, her shows are consistently filled with lovely musical surprises with her unlimited vocal style and eclectic repertoire. But, this will prove to be a very special appearance since it is celebrating the release of her debut solo CD – "SEVEN" which she self-produced and thus played a central role in creating, as she explained to me recently..."

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