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Voice Lessons with Alison

In addition to being a professional vocalist, I am licensed Speech Language Pathologist, an SVI-Trained Vocologist (under the direct tutelage of world-renowned voice scientist, Dr. Ingo Titze), a Level III certified LoVetri Method instructor, as well as have completed additional coursework in Estill Voice.

I combine my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, acoustics, and pedagogy with an appreciation for cognitive science as well as intuition in order to cater lessons directly to your needs and goals. Additionally, I am continually growing my knowledge base, and incorporating the latest in science and learning into my practice. 

My rates are $75-$100 (sliding scale) for a 50-minute lesson, or $55 for 30-minutes.  Feel free to reach out for more information and/or to book your first lesson.  I look forward to meeting you!

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